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In the city of Pori you can enjoy urban events, architecture, history, parks, outdoor activities, nature and the arts. Pelle Hermanni´s Playground, Green Information Center Exhibition Garden, South Shore, Cotton Park, Kalafornia Golf Course, Town Hall Park, Pori Art Museum, Satakunta Museum, Nature House Arkki, Pori Theater, Juselius Mausoleum, sports center, swimming pool, Isomäki Arena and Pori forest recreation area as well as many other Pori top destinations are part of the national city park.

Kalafornia Golf

Across the road you will find Kalafornia Golf Course, whose facilities are available at special rates.

Pori Golf Club / Kalafornia offers three different golf courses: full-size 18-hole and 9-hole courses, a Par3 course (9 holes), a fitness area, a footgolf course and complete golf course services.

In addition to golf, facilities include a restaurant, golf shop, educational services and golf courses, changing rooms and saunas. The course can also be reached by cycling or walking along a guided outdoor route from Kirjurinluoto. You can also play football golf with us and anyone can play golf on the par3 course, even without a green card!  

Shopping center Puuvilla

Puuvilla in this millennium is an entire urban block that provides a wonderful operating environment for companies in various industries, educational organizations and public sector service units. The river landscape, classic industrial architecture and environmentally friendly infrastructure make Puuvilla unique in Finland and the Nordic countries.


Kirjurinluoto, located opposite Porin eteläranta in the middle of the Kokemäenjoki River, is Pori Central Park. Kirjurinluoto has become very popular as a place for outdoor activities and recreation for people of all ages. Outside Pori, Kirjurinluoto is best known as a major summer event venue for Porin Jazz.  


  • Borg kitchen & bar

  • Bucco

  • Pizzeria Nuåvo

  • Blind Burger

  • Turos Heavy Kebab

  • Laivaravintola Porinna

Satakunta Museum

The Satakunta Museum in the center of Pori is a historical museum awarded the title of Museum of the Year 2019, whose exhibitions tell the history of Satakunta and Pori. The museum's exhibition space in the hall also presents exhibitions on other topics. The museum also hosts lectures, concerts and other events.


Yyteri is a memorable tourist destination and the pride of Pori.  Yyteri is an experience for all ages and there is plenty to do on the beach. Six miles of toes sink in the soft sand for sunbathing and the sea unobtrusive.

Yyteri Beach is part of an internationally acclaimed Natura and nature reserve. The Yyteri beach includes a beach area owned by the city of Pori, two toilet buildings, beach walkways, stairs in the beach area, a beach entrance area with a barbecue area and a parking area. The total recreation area is about 39 hectares.  Yyteri is open every day of the year, not just during the summer.

Yyteri Golf

18 scenic fairways offer unique golf experiences for players of all levels. The beach dunes, beautiful pine forests and several water obstacles create a unique, unparalleled field complex with its landscape. With us you can enjoy the immediate vicinity of the sea, wonderful waterways and quality services.


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